Private Lessons

The practice of Yoga is a synthesis of body exercises, conscious breathing, concentration and meditation exercises, energy work and a healthy lifestyle.

Pilates gives you strength, mobility, balance and radiance, regardless of age.

With functional training all muscle groups are activated and trained by different movement patterns and processes compared to conventional equipment-based strength training.

BodyART is a training concept developed in Switzerland, which focuses on man as being a single unit of body, mind and soul.

Deciding on a more active lifestyle is the key to greater well-being and vitality. Movement has a preventive effect against hypertension, obesity and metabolic disorders.

Movement during and after pregnancy is a wonderful way to cope with physical and emotional changes.

Moving - instead of resting - is the formula for a healthy back.

Health-oriented swim training is designed to provide professional tips regarding your individual swimming style, therefore refining your own technique.

Relaxation and a little spoiling round off our Personal Training.

A balanced diet makes life easier. The choice of food, proper preparation and new recipes transform food into conscious enjoyment - and supports your health significantly.

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