Thai Yoga Massage is a deep tissue massage, which, with its deeply relaxing quality is a wonderful response to the challenges of everyday life. The massage technique is known in Thailand as "Nuad Phaen Boran", which can be translated as an "ancient healing touch". During the massage I work with thumbs, palms, elbows, feet and knees in a pleasantly even rhythm. The recipient is gently stretched by passive yoga-like exercises.

By massaging along the energy lines - "Sen Sib" - the body learns to let go, at the same time metabolism is activated and the body's self-healing powers are awakened. So Thai-Yoga-Massage also stimulates and soothes. Physical complaints such as tension, digestion and sleeping disorders, or sometimes migraine can often be relieved. Those who are prepared to let go in the spirit experience the wonderful meditative character of this massage.



Sport massage - an effective massage before and after a workout - is designed to achieve increased performance and rapid muscle regeneration. Using predominately classical massage movements and special stretching methods, the technique of sport massage can prevent or alleviate muscle cramps and injuries and thus serves as an effective support for training or competition preparation.



Cranio-sacral treatment is aimed at promoting the self-regulative activity of the body. By the application soft techniques, you reach a higher awareness of your body which is created by the conscious contact to your body. Lasting loosening of tensions and aches is the result.

Some of the beneficial aspects of Cranio-Sacral treatment include activating and strengthening one’s inner healing powers, regeneration, deepening breathing, improving sleep habits and resolving trauma.

Moreover, it is very beneficial!

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